As Scout Executive, grow in my responsibilities; provide enthusiastic leadership, reinforce integrity and build character in the staff, volunteers and members of a metropolitan council; develop future leaders on the staff and volunteer levels, involve more alumni and offer extraordinary Scouting programs to more youth members.


As Scout Executive, grow in my responsibilities; provide enthusiastic leadership, reinforce integrity and build character in the staff, volunteers and members of a metropolitan council; develop future leaders on the staff and volunteer levels, involve more alumni and offer extraordinary Scouting programs to more youth members.

As Scout Executive, grow in my responsibilities; provide enthusiastic leadership, reinforce integrity and build character in the staff, volunteers and members of a metropolitan council; develop future leaders on the staff and volunteer levels, involve more alumni and offer extraordinary Scouting programs to more youth members.


Over 30 years of successful, professional experience. Demonstrated strengths include volunteer recruiting and motivation of top business and community leaders, extensive experience in all facets of fundraising, budget building and fiscal control, capital development, sound asset management skills, strategic planning and implementation, staff leadership and development, marketing and strategic positioning, quality program implementation and membership management.


Scout Executive/Chief Executive Office                                                                                                             July 2013 to Present
Baltimore Area Council, Baltimore, MD

FISCAL MANAGEMENT AND FUNDRAISING:  Through the efforts of a motivated staff and informed volunteers, the council revamped its accounting processes, invigorated fundraising efforts and involved key volunteers in the budget building process, erasing a million-dollar loan for operating costs and a $500,000 inter fund loan in its property fund.  The council ended 2014, 2015 and will end 2016 with a surplus and added more than $1 million dollars to the endowment fund since 2014.

MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT:   Due to economic concerns, the Executive Board defunded the majority of its Scoutreach membership in late 2013 and instituted a 10% policy for future funded membership.  A renewed recruiting strategy has been successful and for the first time since 2009, the council is showing growth in its outlying, more traditional districts at the end of 2014 over the previous year and has an increase in youth retention.  The council ended plus in total traditional membership in 2015 and is on track to be plus in 2016.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT:  Although challenged with a need for camping facilities to be upgraded, the Council enjoys a high number of solid volunteers who deliver a top notch Scouting program to youth.  There is a good blend of Scouts attending the council’s camp as well as alternating with surrounding camps and visiting the National High Adventure Bases, where the Council has one of the highest participation numbers in the nation.  There is a robust Day Camp and Cub Resident Camp program, well attended training courses as well as exciting district activities.  Currently closing out a successful NCAP assessment and working with a Camp Task Force to develop a strategy to rebuild and renovate Broad Creek Scout Reservation.

STAFF AND VOLUNTEER RELATIONS: Work tirelessly to hire and lead an enthusiastic and productive staff, supervising 32 Council employees.  Serve as the council’s top professional Scouter and as such strive to bring increased integrity and transparency.  Utilizing a knowledgeable Nominating Committee, the council has increased its Board diversity representation.  Visit numerous council and local unit functions, speak at Eagle Scout Court of Honors, presenting youth and adult awards and talking at civic clubs.

SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS:  Eliminated over $1.5 million in debt while operating in the black, increased endowment funding, brought a high level of volunteer involvement and transparency; national leader in YPT percentage with over 99% of leaders approved; complied with the findings of the administrative review and membership audit (in a professional manner); replaced the IT equipment in the council including the server and all staff laptops; developed a training room in the service center; improved the service center in many ways, internally and the surrounding grounds. The council ended 2015 with Gold JTE status.

Currently serve on the Chief Scout Executive’s Advisory Board; the BSA’s Digital Experience Committee; Scout Executive Alliance; the National P.R.A.Y. Board of Directors and mentor Senior Leadership Essentials council managers working towards becoming Scout Executives. 

Deputy Scout Executive/Chief Operating Officer                                                                            November 2010 to July 2013
National Capital Area Council, Bethesda, MD

FISCAL MANAGEMENT AND FUNDRAISING: Working with the Council Scout Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Development Director, and various other staff members, helped to provide leadership and support to the budget development and implementation process, led the Council/District Special Events, Popcorn Sale and the Council’s total Friends of Scouting Campaign.

  • Ended each year with six figure surplus
  • Led Council FOS Campaign (raised goal of $2,012,000 in 2012; oversee staff/volunteer training, preparation of all support materials and maintaining campaign discipline)
  • Led Field Staff, as well as Marketing/Communications, Program, Popcorn Sales ($3.8 million) and Development Budgets effort on annual budget planning
  • Led Council and District Special events (raised $1.5 million toward a $1.41 million goal in 2012)
  • Netted over $100,000 in Direct Mail in 2012

MARKETING AND STRATEGIC PLANNING: Supervised Marketing/Communications Director placing emphasis on Voice of the Scout, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications, as well as to utilize anniversary and alumni opportunities and encourage staff public speaking in their communities.

MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT: Through the efforts of 5 Service Area Managers, 25 Unit Serving Executives and other support staff members, the council achieved membership growth each year.  

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT:  Consistently encouraged Program Department and Field Staff to plan and promote high quality program activities, camps and events. Strong emphasis was placed on adult training and youth safety.  NCAC increased Internet Advancement from under 30% to over 70% in 2 years.  The council was often offered National BSA Pilot initiatives and recently created its own pilot program, The NCAC Scouting Challenge, to help promote the initiatives in our Strategic Planning Program Impact pillar.  .

SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS (2010-2013):  Directed National Camp School; supervised the acquisition of the US Virgin Islands Council, training the staff, and rebuilding the Scouting program.

Scout Executive                                                                                                                               October, 1997 to November, 2010
Yocona Area Council, Tupelo, MS
FISCAL MANAGEMENT AND FUNDRAISING:  Provided sound stewardship practices achieving 12 years of balanced operating budgets. Improved the budget building process, cost control and the total asset management of the organization.  Increased major gifts and sources of revenue for the Council operating, capital and endowment budgets. Grew special events, foundation grants and improved United Way relationships.

MARKETING AND STRATEGIC PLANNING: Served as the Council Staff Advisor for two Long Range Strategic Plans that serve as the living document of the council.  Increased total Marketing emphasis of the Council. The Yocona Area Council received the “National Presidents Award for Marketing Excellence”.

MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT: Developed an effective membership growth strategy that resulted in the attainment of the Quality Council Award multiple times. The Yocona Area Council is one of the leading Councils in the Southern Region in regards to consistent membership growth.

STAFF AND VOLUNTEER RELATIONS: Created a positive and productive work environment. The Council’s Nominating Committee operated an aggressive, ongoing board development committee attracting top business leaders making the council one of the most prestigious non-profit boards in the community.  Past President was elected to the National Executive Board. Immediate Past President serves as Area President.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: Implemented an effective marketing campaign to improve summer camp attendance.  Built a great relationship with Scout leaders, which resulted in a significant increase in attendance at camp. Rebuilt Council Scout Camp that helped to promote the following highlights:

  • Increased Boy Scout summer camp attendance by 100% and Cub Scout Resident Camp program by 400%
  • Created new summer camp marketing materials including a DVD promotional video
  • Renovated the Scout Service Center (one of the area’s nicest non-profit structures)
Director of Field Service  -  
1992 to 1997 
Great Smoky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America (Class 500) Knoxville, Tennessee

Field Director  -  1988 to 1992
Great Smoky Mountain Council,) Knoxville, Tennessee

Senior Exploring Executive & District Executive  -  1983 to 1988
Northeast Georgia Council, Athens, Georgia


Bachelor’s Degree (ABJ) in Journalism (majored in Public Relations, with minors in Speech and Business), The University of Georgia, Athens, GA; Associate of Arts Degree, DeKalb Community College, Atlanta, GA


Married for 33 years, with one son, an Eagle Scout, and one daughter.  Chief Scout Executive Advisory Council (3 years in first term, just started a second); 1910 Society; Wood Badge and Powder Horn trained (served on staff for both); Vigil Honor Member, Order of Arrow; Rotary Paul Harris Fellow; Rotarian of the Year; James E. West Fellow; Heritage Society Member, National Jamboree Staff (1997, 2005 and 2010);  National Marketing Roundtable Presenter (several times): Scout Executive Institute; Scout Executive Roundtables; Other awards (some earned numerous times) include Chief Scout Executive’s Winner’s Circle; Boys’ Life Club; Opportunity Club; Southern Region President’s Cup Winner; Quality Council and JTE Gold.
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