Les Baron

CEO/Scout Executive
National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
Bethesda, MD

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Monday November 21, 2016

Mr. Larry Myers
Chairman of the Board
Lincoln Heritage Council
12001 Sycamore Station Pl.
Louisville, KY 40299

Mr. Myers,

I am writing to recommend Brian Steger for the position of Scout Executive in the Lincoln Heritage Council. Brian and I have been colleagues and friends for over 25 years. In fact, I hired Brian not just once but twice during that quarter century and would have no hesitation in making it a third. I know Brian and his family very well and will vouch for his character, commitment and abilities.

Brian is a man who is passionate about the BSA and will strongly maintain the traditions while ensuring our brand is always reflected in a positive, forward moving way. He has an intoxicating sense of humor that complements his ability to make others feel good about themselves and the work they are doing with the youth in our Country. His personality is one that encourages followership and I have personally witnessed his ability to turn a negative culture into a thriving, productive and fun place to work. He is honest, loyal and will protect the organization's values and its volunteers with passion.

With Brian’s 15 years of experience as CEO/Scout Executive, he has the ability to excel and adapt in many different situations. His flexibility allows for a quick change of tactics if the situation calls for fast action, all the while being calm and concerned about the common good. His understanding of the operating systems in the local Council will allow him to "hit the ground running" coming up to speed with the local conditions quickly resulting in little or no down time during the transition.

With his commitment, passion and experience I cannot think of a better leader for the Lincoln Heritage Council than Brian. He will serve the volunteers of the Council providing exceptional service, being ever mindful of the families and youth we serve. I know he will be an excellent fit.
David Rumbarger

President/CEO Community Development Foundation
President/Secretary Board of Directors
Community Development Foundation
Commissioner; Southern Region, Boy Scouts of America
Past president; Yocona Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

November 18, 2016

Lincoln Heritage Council
Louisville, KY

To Whom It May Concern:

It is a pleasure to commend to you Brian Steger for your opening in the Lincoln Heritage Council. As a previous Area 6 president who worked with you through the Owensboro merger, I feel uniquely positioned to write you on Brian's behalf.

I know you will have several qualified candidates to choose from and our movement is fortunate to have many qualified professionals from whom to select. In my experience, Brian is an especially good professional. I got to know him during my time in the Yocona Area Council in my hometown of Tupelo - Northeast Mississippi for eight years and have admired his work in Washington D. C. and more recently, in Baltimore.

First, Brian hires, mentors and trains great support professionals and instills in them not only the ideals of Scouting and professionalism, but also a work ethic that implements the best plans. Our movement is famous for setting goals but not quite getting to them, not so with Brian. He works closely with staff and volunteers to craft reasonable and stretch goals and then one by one set up strategies and behaviors to achieve them. In that process he pitches a big tent to inspire enthusiasm and to bring everyone with him. When the council achieves and celebrates those accomplishments, everyone says, "we did it''. a mark of a true servant leader.

De Vinci said he was impressed by the urgency of doing, and so am I. Brian not only puts together well thought out and inspiring plans, but as he and his team go about the work of accomplishment, Brian tears down barriers and obstacles that tend to trip up volunteers and staff. Solutions to problems are his specialty, again taking responsibility and showing good leadership.

Finally, Brian is the best Scouting cheerleader I know. He knows the programming from Tiger to Eagle and FOS to Legacy Society and has an uncanny ability to get the best out of staff and volunteers and knows where to place people to maximize human capital returns for his Council - resulting in positive budget growth and growth in youth and volunteers. He is the rare complete package of executive, coach, mentor, and worker. Yes, I would hire him again in a minute. Please feel free to call me personally for any questions you might have at 662-401-4521.
Scott Sorrels

Board Counsel; Banking and Securities Litigation
Partner at Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
National Executive Board Member; Boy Scouts of America

November 28, 2016

Selection Committee
Lincoln Heritage Council, BSA c/o:

Larry Myers, Chairman
Lincoln Heritage Council, Boy Scouts of America
501 East Lewis & Clark Parkway, Clarkesville, Indiana 4 7129

J. McFerran "Mac" Barr
Incoming Chairman, Lincoln Heritage Council, Boy Scouts of America
9900 Corporate Campus Drive, Suite 2100,  Louisville, Kentucky 40223

Dear Selection Committee Members:

I am writing this letter of support and recommendation for Brian Steger to serve as the Scout Executive for the Lincoln Heritage Council.

First, thank you for your service to the Council and to the Scouting movement. Service on a selection committee is one of the most significant contributions that a volunteer can offer to the local Scouting program. I have served as the chairman of several selection committees, so I appreciate the challenge involved in your decision, particularly when the council is undergoing a time of transition.

I am also familiar with the great Scouting tradition of your council. While I do not know each of the candidates under consideration, I have known Brian Steger for more than 30 years, and offer my unqualified support for his candidacy. Brian is a superior Scout professional, and a man of great character and integrity. His selection would be one that the Committee could reflect on years from now and know that they made the right decision in securing the future of the local Scouting movement.

I have personally watched Brian's professional development at virtually every stage of his career, having worked with him in various roles that I have assumed at the local, area, regional, and national level. I first worked with Brian as his local Exploring district chair more than 30 years ago, when Brian was just starting his professional journey. Since that time, Brian has served at an exemplary level at every stage of his professional career, whether as number two in one of the nation's largest councils, to serving as Scout Executive for multiple councils, to working with me on National Jamboree staffs.

I know from personal observation that Brian has rightfully earned a reputation as a skilled professional who can assess a council's situation and motivate passionate volunteers to chart a path to success. Even in uniquely challenging situations, Brian demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and fundamental management expertise that won the confidence of his volunteers. I was not surprised when I attended the recent Top Hands national professional meeting in New Orleans and saw Brian on the stage being held out as one of the top professionals in the movement.

One of the things I have learned from 30 plus years of volunteer service is how much you can accomplish when you identify and partner with the right professional. To Brian's credit, I can think of any number of volunteers at each of his professional career stations who are fans and friends of Brian Steger. It a testament to Brian that so many volunteers have been and continue to be so passionate about his contribution to the Scouting movement.

I would be pleased to discuss this recommendation with any member of the selection committee.

Thank you for all you do for Scouting.