My Family

My family is an inspiration to me.  Even as my “children” have grown into adults, we remain very close. 

I have been married to the former Sue Crain since July, 1983.  She is an incredible support person in my life and I still say, “dollar for dollar, she is the best employee in the BSA.” 

We have two children, Blaine (married to Jessica), a 31-year old Eagle Scout, who is a graduate of Ole Miss, and Keri, our 26-year old daughter, who is a graduate of Mississippi State University.   Blaine and Jessica have one child, our grandson, Cooper Jackson Steger.

Some of my best memories have been with them.  This includes carrying the torch down Poplar Avenue in Memphis, TN as a part of the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay (which Blaine nominated me for); vacationing together; attending college sporting events; and sharing holidays.

Below: Prepping for 2002 Olympic Torch Run.
Staff Development
Baltimore Area Council
Baltimore, MD

  • Organized Quarterly “All Hands” Staff meetings, with all Council staff members invited. 
    • Announce employment anniversary dates, birthdays, and have 2 staff (All Stars) give a biography on themselves. 
    • All departments make reports that help the entire staff to “be in the know” regarding Council events and activities.
  • Conduct Office and Support Staff meetings quarterly to keep them up to date in between All Hands meetings.
  • Send birthday greetings and a gift card from the Council to each employee.
  • Conduct 2 staff gatherings offsite each year.
  • Hold staff work days at the office a couple of times a year to improve the grounds and clean up office spaces (improves staff morale and accountability).
  • The Council uses small bonuses, certificates and the like to recognize staff members, publicly and privately, who exceed their objectives.